Any Aspirants who wants to become a licensed architect in New York must first apply for licensure from the New York Board of Architecture. Architecture is compatible with individuals who’ve demonstrated a high command of artistic creativity, mathematics and science. Architects are employed to carve designs, manage construction and sprout to life a client’s contemplated edifice vision. As populations increase and metropolitan areas continue to soar, architects are enjoying a burgeoning market driven by increased demand for health care and education infrastructure as well as residential developments. In the wake of a world mindful of the environment, a notably high-demand domain in architectural services is eco-friendly construction and remodeling designs that gravitate towards optimum use of natural resources such as solar energy, water and other raw materials. In New York, architects are licensed from a broad array of educational courses, including technical tutorials, experience and bachelor’s degree.

Academic and Practicum Requirements

Enroll for an undergraduate degree in architecture in an institution accredited by the (NAAB) National Architectural Accrediting Board. Experience allows you to be exempted from undertaking some credits while foreign-educated students are required to receive a Professional Architect examination for licensure. Next, you should work as an intern under the guidance of an architect with a current practicing license and sufficient experience matching the credits you need. To speed up the process apply to undertake both the ARE exam and internship concurrently. If you have hit the 12 unit requisites and approved by the New York State Education Department, you’re now eligible to sit for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) - the main licensure examination.

Applying For New York Architect Licensure

If you pass the ARE examinations, liaise with the NY Board of Licensure for details on which application forms are relevant in your case. This will vary based on your qualifications, for instance, if you’re licensed in another state or you’ve a foreign bachelor’s degree. The main document is Form 1-Application for Licensure and First Registration accompanied by a sworn affidavit administered by a public notary affirming you have perused and understood germane statutes, the New York Architecture Practice Act and subsidiary Administrative Rules. Also pay the prescribed fee.

Establish Your NCARB Record

after that, start an NCARB record through their website. Input your details on the NCARB request form and check out the prescribed fee. You may have to keep paying the balance before sitting for the ARE. During your internship, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards uses an online program known as the Electronic Experience Verification Reporting (e-EVR) for the sustenance of your profile or record online. The e-EVR comes handy for establishing, tracking and petitioning for approval of your experience documents.

Foreign Students and Credential Evaluation

If you’ve foreign credentials, ensure you submit your paperwork for approval to the appropriate government agency. For instance, where the Bureau of Comparative Education is charged with credential evaluation for foreigners, transcripts and degree certificates should be submitted to determine if you meet the US degree or pre-professional graduate. The NY State Board of Architecture is the entity that gives credit and determines how many years of experience will be needed to meet the 12 units threshold- 1 year of direct supervision by a licensed architect is equivalent to 1 unit.